Here are small but valuable tips to get good grades!

Whether we like it or not, sooner or later the moment of the theme comes. In the form of a letter, diary, essay and whoever puts the theme of English on it is a pleasure for those who love writing and the humanities and a torture for the geniuses of mathematics. From today, thanks to these small but effective tips, the theme will no longer be a problem and you will face that moment with a smile on your face. Let’s see how!

You have great ideas but are you afraid of going off topic? Every time you take a pen in your hand, do you get the famous writer’s block? First you need to ORGANIZE THE TIME and manage it intelligently. Such as?

If you have three hours available you can:

  • use 10 minutes to understand the track
  • 20 minutes to make the ladder and to find ideas
  • 1 hour 30 to write the theme
  • 30 minutes to correct it
  • 30 minutes to copy it in beautiful


As it happens during an interrogation, reading and understanding the theme of a theme is fundamental. Give yourself the right amount of time and try to capture the greatest number of details. They will be your compass and your way to compose a perfect lineup!


The secret to writing a good text is breaking it into three parts. This is not a very difficult mathematical operation and you can do it even if the fractions are not your forte.

1) INTRODUCTION – “Who starts well is in the middle of the work” never anything more correct. Here you have to present and introduce what you are going to talk about. A bit like presenting a friend to another.

2) CONDUCT – This is the central part of the topic in which you have to explain and analyze the elaborate.

3) CONCLUSION – Have you ever seen a movie without an ending? Closing is the time to say your opinion and leave a personal touch to the theme.
Finally … have you ever heard of the 5 W that journalists use? Before starting to play the theme, take a sheet and write the 5 Ws that are: Who? (who), What? (what) When? (when), Where? (where) and Why? (why). If throughout the theme you will try to answer these questions you will surely get a wonderful vote for your joy, of the parents and the teacher. What do you say … let’s try?

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