Five infallible tips by Nicola Gardini, professor at Oxford, to pass the exam brilliantly! After you have read this article you will not be able to make mistakes!

If your biggest nightmare is verification, this is the right article for you. For some, in fact, writing their thoughts on a piece of paper is very simple, almost natural. Others, on the other hand, find it very tiring and they are given the advice of the professor at Oxford and author of “Viva il latino. Stories and beauty of a useless language “(Garzanti, 2016), Nicola Gardini.

1 – Exercise, exercise, exercise

To write a good theme you need to read a lot. It seems absurd, but instead it is just by reading that we learn to master words. The advice is to «Read a few pages every day. And summarize what has been read, even if only by voice. Catching up on the important things, the key words, the meaning of a speech: only in this way will we be able to make sensible, interesting and perhaps pleasant speeches for others too »says the professor.

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2 – How to choose the theme

Going by instinct, choosing the theme you like best, but never rejecting someone from the start: “One always knows more than he thinks he knows. A theme is also an opportunity to put oneself to the test, to express ideas that one had inside but that had not yet found the opportunity to release ».

3 – Organize time well

Theme given and two hours to do it. But how can you make the most of this time and avoid getting lost and then having to run to the end? «It is useful to dedicate a few minutes to the design of the speech: what do I say? How do I start? How do I conclude? What are the most important things to say? In what order do you show them? However, while writing, one can also give the speech unforeseen directions. Very well. Just don’t get lost. It is also nice to discover ideas by doing.

4 – Bad sheet, yes or no?

«As a student I have never used bad sheets, not even in high school – says the writer -. Therefore, I cannot argue that ugliness is a necessity. But it can be a good support. Maybe just a sheet of paper, on which to make a schemino to begin with: a list of points; or even on which to formulate an unclear thought. This avoids messes on the beauty ».

5 – The structure

A good theme answers the question of the track. «Maybe just trying to define the track even more clearly. It can also challenge it. The student or student does not necessarily agree. Then we need examples. Comparisons between things, situations and people are also very effective. The comparison creates variety and helps to specify the topic, without taking an absolute point of view. And then it takes a nice conclusion. This can be a summary of what has been said during the course of the topic; it may be a general consideration; it may indicate a further way of tackling the issue “.

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